Search Engine Optimization

Don’t let someone take your hard earned money with their search engine optimization scam. We can quickly pinpoint why your website isn’t getting traffic and create a plan to drive the traffic you need.

Optimizing your website to achieve the best organic search results is easier than many supposed SEO experts say. If a website is optimized correctly when it’s being built, ongoing optimization should be minimal. If your website was not optimized correctly at initial build or even after the fact, we can create a short-term plan to generate the traffic you need while not emptying your wallet.

We believe that taking the time to optimize a website correctly ends up paying dividends for our clients for months and years after their website is launched. Since a website works 24-7-365, it offers the best bang for your dollar in terms of marketing your business.

We utilize an approach where initial keyword research delivers many usable derivatives and long-tail words that are extremely targeted. In addition to your businesses main keyword focus, these keyword derivatives generate additional traffic that many SEO firms fail to address.

Avoiding SEO Fraud

While website optimization is an important aspect of every website, be cautious of companies offering “Top 10” results and other unsubstantiated claims. When a website is written properly, focusing on its target audience, that covers 99% of all on-page website optimization. Applying all other SEO “tricks” can improve your rankings by just 1-3% – but if done incorrectly, these tricks can DECREASE your results by as much as 20%. Don’t waste your time and money on these useless things.

Search Engine Submission Services are another waste of money. Almost 99% of organic (non-paid) search engine traffic comes from 5 search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask & AOL. Almost 70% of it comes from Google alone. There is no reason to submit your website to any of these engines because their crawlers will find your website by themselves. Don’t throw away your money purchasing unnecessary submission services.

Companies offering “Guaranteed Top 10 Listings within 10 Days” are a complete fraud. Most companies offering this type of service will find 2-3 keywords which have little to no value, and use them to get you into the “Top 10.” They won’t tell you that the words aren’t competitive and that nobody is searching for them. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a website in the top 10 for a competitive, popular keyword in just 10 days. It can take 1-6 months, depending on how competitive your keywords are. Don’t get scammed and don’t throw away your money!!

Search Engine Optimization services include:

  • Keyword & keyword derivative research
  • Keyword usage statistic tracking
  • On-page content optimization and copywriting
  • Google Analytics setup and management
  • Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Setup and Management

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